Soft Power Vote is a resource for New Yorkers to level up on voting in NYC by demystifying local politics, decoding voting information, and providing the resources necessary to make everyone’s voice heard.

“Just because it’s happening in a blue state doesn’t mean it’s not voter suppression.” – Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Absentee ballots arriving late, oath envelopes with the wrong name, purged voter rolls, closed poll-sites, and long lines—these are just some of the problems NYers face when voting. The reality is that NYers face extreme voter suppression that often goes overlooked because NY is a Democrat controlled “blue” state.

Enter Soft Power Vote. 

Born out of a lack of voter info and transparency in the NYC elections, Soft Power Vote is a resource that engages NYers through art, design and activism to invigorate civic engagement and make voting as easy as possible. 

Soft Power was coined in the 1980s to describe a country’s ability to influence people through culture and politics, in contrast to hard power such as the military and brute force. Soft Power Vote communicates online in the visual language of our peers to have the greatest impact on the local political discourse.